All exceptions used within rios.

exception rios.rioserrors.ArrayShapeError[source]

Error in shape of an array

exception rios.rioserrors.AttributeTableColumnError[source]

Unable to find specified column

exception rios.rioserrors.AttributeTableTypeError[source]

Type does not match that expected

exception rios.rioserrors.ColorTableGenerationError[source]

Error generating a color table

exception rios.rioserrors.FileOpenError[source]

Failed to open an input or output file

exception rios.rioserrors.GDALLayerNumberError[source]

A GDAL layer number was given, but was out of range

exception rios.rioserrors.GdalWarpError[source]

Error while running gdalwarp

exception rios.rioserrors.ImageOpenError[source]

Image wasn’t able to be opened by GDAL

exception rios.rioserrors.IntersectionError[source]

Images don’t have a common area

exception rios.rioserrors.JobMgrError[source]

Errors from Jobmanager class

exception rios.rioserrors.KeysMismatch[source]

Keys do not match expected

exception rios.rioserrors.MismatchedListLengthsError[source]

Two lists had different lengths, when they were supposed to be the same length

exception rios.rioserrors.OutsideImageBoundsError[source]

Requested Block is not available

exception rios.rioserrors.ParameterError[source]

Incorrect parameters passed to function

exception rios.rioserrors.PermissionError[source]

Error due to permissions on temp files

exception rios.rioserrors.ProcessCancelledError[source]

Process was cancelled by user

exception rios.rioserrors.RatBlockLengthError[source]

Error with RAT block length, in ratapplier

exception rios.rioserrors.RatMismatchError[source]

Inconsistent RATs on inputs to ratapplier

exception rios.rioserrors.ResampleNeededError[source]

Images do not match - resample needs to be turned on

exception rios.rioserrors.RiosError[source]

Base class for RIOS exceptions

exception rios.rioserrors.ThematicError[source]

File unable to be set to thematic

exception rios.rioserrors.TypeConversionError[source]

Unknown type conversion

exception rios.rioserrors.VectorAttributeError[source]

Unable to find specified index in vector file

exception rios.rioserrors.VectorGeometryTypeError[source]

Unexpected Geometry type

exception rios.rioserrors.VectorLayerError[source]

Unable to find the specified layer

exception rios.rioserrors.VectorProjectionError[source]

Vector projection does not match raster projection

exception rios.rioserrors.VectorRasterizationError[source]

Rasterisation of Vector dataset failed

exception rios.rioserrors.WrongControlsObject[source]

The wrong type of control object has been passed to apply